A peanut purchase pays off!

Gardens are for birds too! Glad to support my area birds through the winter!

Walfred Photography

When everyone else was running off to get bread and milk at the grocery store, I ran to my local hardware store and bought several bags of this and that to offer my bird neighbors a meal. Once the snow stopped, I cleared several inches off the deck railing and waited. The blue jays are the hardest for me to photograph. They are so skittish. But today it was milder and much of the snow on the deck had melted so I refreshed the peanuts and waited.

The blue jays let me know they were coming. I noticed they squawk and squeak, either to alert their tribe, or to warn other birds. I did some research about them on YouTube. Unlike cardinals and other birds, male and female blue jays look nearly identical, and near impossible to figure out which is which if they appear separately! But one video said…

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