Stones for the Sixties


I saw these stones in my Facebook news feed and I just loved the idea! They are by artist Shenaz Bac and her Facebook page is is

I love the way they look and I think they would be an amazing addition to a George Harrison-themed garden.

Her work is quite intricate. Given the volume I think I will need, I may try to do something myself, perhaps with larger stones, and maybe take as inspiration from some of the items directly linked to George- his hand painted home Kinfauns, his colorful Mini Cooper and his Fender Stratocaster, ca. Magical Mystery Tour.

I have some shady areas where I haven’t been too successful growing anything with vivid color. Adding various sizes and colors of some Sixties stones might be just the answer!

Bad Hair Day?

As I’ve expressed before, I find the forms of flowers, before and after their peak, very interesting. Here are a few images I took in the yard on this Labor Day:

Purple Coneflower:


A Knockout rose is TKO:


The normally showy coneflower relinquishes its beauty and begins its return to the soil. Only a spattering of green remains:


Clematis seed pods go from spindly to fluffy in September: