This blog is a reflection of my passion and journey into gardening. In 1994 my father was terminally ill with cancer. He would pass that June. My father lived with me in his final days. I lived in a small, historic building with six apartments. The front of the building looked lovely. Each of the six apartments had a porch view of the neglected grey and brown backyard which surrounded a topsy-turvy concrete patio. It was an ugly mess. The yard was framed by different kinds fences owned by neighboring properties. I often escaped to the backyard to cry and I couldn’t handle the depressing view. It was bad enough inside. That spring I began to buy plants and framed the fencing with blooms. I placed containers around the crooked crumbling patio to disarm the damage. I watched as spring plants faded and new blossoms emerge. The cycle of life transformed in front of me and it was quite therapeutic —a way to cope with the fading souls inside my apartment, a man who had done so much to shape my life. I would bring flowers inside and place them by daddy’s bedside. He loved them. My garden made him smile. It made both of us good.

A few years later, I moved into a new property and began working at a new job with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension. There, I learned about the Master Gardener program. I also took 18 credits of plant science as electives for my English/Journalism degree.

Any chance I could to learn more about plants, I took it. One big bonus was the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden located at work. Here I would spend breaks combining my passion for photography with my growing interest in horticulture. A therapeutic pastime became a serious passion.

I’ve made lots and lots of mistakes on my 3/4 acre property! I will still make them! The topics of this blog have evolved along with my education. But I’ve learned to curb my impulsiveness at garden centers and read and study so that I can place the right plant in the right spot! My knowledge of native plants, in particular, helps to shape my future garden plans.

This blog is my personal journey and reflections and not in anyway an official part of Delaware Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardener program. My posts are not fact sheets, though they are increasingly shaped by fact-based Extension research, all original and shared content in this site reflect my personal views and opinions.