Blue and white bouquet

Why is it that I wake up on a Saturday morning even earlier than I do when I have to get up for the work week? Rather than thrash around under the covers trying to get back to sleep, I decided not to fight it, and went out int to garden. Still in my PJ’s, and with a light dousing of mosquito repellant, I shuffled outside with kitchen shears looking for puffy candidates. I have about 15 different hydrangea shrubs growing in my yard. Many still not mature enough to use for cuttings (I want them to grow, grow!) But, I singled out a few blooms to harvest and added some lemon balm and my favorite wildflower for arrangements, Pearly Everlasting, as accents.

So here’s a device portrait of my morning labor on the kitchen counter! Gardens are meant to bring indoors!

A bouquet of hydrangeas
Five different varieties here, of hydrangeas, with some lemon balm for trailers and some white pearly everlasting wildflowers for contrast



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